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Introductory Offer

6 week Get Set Mat Pilates Course - $399.00 or $35 per session

2 - 1 hour - 1 on 1 mat pilates sessions

This program has been designed to lay the foundations for you to make pilates a habit for life. You will learn to:

  • properly engage your T Zone for every movement

  • make sure you use the correct breathing techniques for every movement so your abdominal muscles are fully activated

  • have the correct spinal, neck and shoulder position

If you come on a Pilates Journey with Connie she will accelerate the results you achieve from your Pilates sessions and customise the exercises as you progress. 

Connie will be expanding her sessions to include mat pilates with a ball, Reformer Pilates and the ultimate all body conditioning program - Reformer and Mat Pilates combined.

Why Connie is passionate about Pilates

  • I have more energy and strength than what I had in my 20's - in fact I have a VO2 max fitness age of 20

  • I went from being a moderate walker at 51 to an Ultra Marathon Runner at 54. No pain and no injury.   That's a lot of klms I run every week and Pilates has given me the strength and mind body connection to make sure I use the correct muscles for every movement.

  • I've reversed osteopenia for my hips which is a side effect of the breast cancer drug

  • I changed my body shape 

2016 - 2020 = Thanks Pilates!